Brightwell Dispensers Ltd is a global designer and manufacturer of innovative soap, paper and chemical dispensers and dosing systems.

Created in 1947, the company has a strong reputation as a reliable provider and partner for paper and chemicals manufacturers, janitorial companies, dishwasher and washing machines providers and international corporations.

Based in the UK, Brightwell Dispensers has always been proud to be a successful family business driven by their strong values. These strong values attracted our attention to Brightwell dispensers and we decided to make a little bit more research on these products.

After our researches in the field of Chemical Dilution Systems, which have become the necessity to use in accordance with the changing hygiene guidelines, we have decided to brought the Brightwell products, which have an important place in the world with quality and reliability, to the Turkish market.  We started bring these products to our country within the framework of the special agreements we made and presented to the appreciation of our valuable customers.

Brightwell - EcoMix


  • 2 versions: Low-flow (4L/min) and High-flow (14L/min)
  • Simple push operation, with optional lock-on facility for the filling of larger receptacles
  • User-friendly dilution ring to set required dilution
  • Ultimate flexibility: water and chemical inlets can be fitted either side of the unit
  • Suction from any size container. Hanging bracket and cabinet available
  • 1 unique lock-in cabinet for 1.5L pouch & 2L bottle
  • Chemical exclusivity option for pouch system
  • Unit and cabinet rings available in various colors
  • Installed within minutes
  • Branding available


ECOMIX is a unique chemical dilution system. Connected to mains water, it dilutes a pre-determined ratio of concentrates into a final ready-to-use solution. It is available in low-flow (4L/min) and high-flow (14L/min) versions. The dilution ratio on the ECOMIX is set with a dilution ring, the flexibility of which enables easily interchangeability without the use of any tool.

The ECOMIX chemical dilution system can draw chemical from any sized container. It comes with a hanging bracket to support up to 10L containers or a multipurpose chemical locking cabinet that can hold alternatively 1.5L pouches and 2L bottles. The pouch system’s optional pin positions are ideal for the exclusive distribution of chemicals.